Do you find a good psychologist?

Do you have any personal problems and you feel that you should find specialists, who can help you with your situation? We know that it is not easy to do this decision, but trust us that if you will come into our surgery, you will not bemoan. Our psychologist is very experienced person, who works with adults people and he is specializing to psychotherapy. He solved very difficult cases in past, so his experience is really rich, you can be sure that your problem can disappear. It doesn´t matter if you have social anxiety problems or you feel agoraphobia, because everything has own solution and our psychologist prague show you.

We can offer you great services

Our specialist graduated formal training at clinical psychology at Masaryk University, but after that he studied other programs at clinical psychology and psychotherapy. He can work also with EMDR psychotherapy that is very effective and it is modern method that can be very interesting for you, because it is about eye´s movements. Don´t miss this possibility, because your life can be better.