Have you ever felt like something is missing?

Everybody knows that the very pinnacle of sexual intercourse is the orgasm – both of man and a woman. But what if that is missing? There is a running gag around the world about the fast men and not satisfied women. But we are experiencing a different kind of troubles. We are talking about delayed ejaculation – meaning it takes a long time for a man to actually orgasm or he won’t orgasm at all even though his penis is erect, and he is aroused.

What are the „physical“ causes of such disorder?

There are several medical and health conditions that can lead, in one way or another, to delayed ejaculation syndrome like type 1 diabetes, spinal cord injuries, sclerosis, surgery to the bladder or prostate gland. Of course, there doesn’t have to be a problem at all – it might just be an old age. Men, after their prime, experience a sudden decrease in sexual drive and they lose a lot of their „mojo“. But it does not matter in the end since we are here with our many products to ensure that you can have a fulfilling sexual intercourse even if the odds are against you.

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